Malavé Do - Karate of the 2000s

Malavé Karate Do is a style created by Ramon Malavé.


Karate World Champion Ramon Malavé have created the style and method for karate that he developed and refined since the early 1980's.

Malavé Do is a complete method for the modern kumite in the 2000s, where all technics and motions are designed with sport-specific conditions and scientific methodology.

All unnecessary elements and movements are removed and rationalized to provide faster and more efficient karatekas.


With the Malavé Do-method he managed to become the best in the world and with the same method, he later helped many other karate practitioners at elite level to great success.


As a leader and coach of the Swedish national karate team, he also used the method to get the team to perform at its best when it needed at most.


Catchwords for Malavé Do is Balance Focus and Perfection
Through the power of thought shaped body strength.


When you have balance, you can create focus, when you have balance and focus, you can search for perfection to achieve excellence!


The basis
The foundation is the modern development of competition cut-general based on branch-specific and scientific methodology. The method compresses the learning curve and maximizes profit. This will increase the practitioner's ability and capacity to technical, physical and mental development.


The road is to develop Karate different movements and techniques to become faster and stronger with more focus and explosiveness.


The goal
The goal is to achieve excellence by seeking perfection.


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